Cycling Tourism

While Rwanda has a lot to offer in terms of Tourism, from the Gorillas, golden monkeys to the beautiful lake shores, ARCC offers an extra mile on how to see and visit remarkable Rwanda, this is done through cycling tourism where working a fitness activity into a holiday can be a significant part of a Wellness Vacation, we have scenic MTB trails and perfect good condition road bike cycle routs . One can also stay at ARCC to meet Team Rwanda and see day to day life of athletes, our bungalows can accommodate 4 people per each. OR just come volunteer at ARCC either in Language, administrative tasks, bike mechanics, cycling , youth and women empowerment while touring Rwanda or stay at ARCC…

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What a great way to tour Rwanda; a new cycling wonder destination!

​What ARCC can offer you :

*ARCC accommodation: Bungalows that can house 4 people.

*Transportation services,

*MTB and Road Bike Cycling tours,

*Camping ground

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