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First this trail was made for the African MTB Championship in 2015, with originally 7km loop circuit. With climbs and in and out of Nyange and Kinigi villages and vegetation, this trail will test some limits. The middle section has enough tight technical features to pack a punch for the most experienced rider. However it starts to descent towards Byangabo sector passing through the Nyarusizi Hiking trail. Once in Nyarusizi, trail becomes more interesting and it can handle wet weather well and dishes up a ride that summarizes what is awesome about the ARCC MTB experience. Your elevation will only change by about 60 metres….so there are not a lot of climbs…this trail was built with real mountain bikers in mind!

When you visit ARCC or Musanze, hitting this trail is a must as it is the signature ARCC MTB experience!

Riding options

  • The best time to ride is from May-February.
  • Start at the ARCC entrance and finish at ARCC – travelling in this direction provides more downhill riding and the prevailing wind is more favorable.
  • For young families or riders with insufficient time or experience to attempt the full trail, the Nyange short circuit will give you a taste.

Things to see and do

  • Visit the Musanze Caves, Ibyiwacu cultural center, Uwinka-Nyange Milk local dairy,
  • Best views to see the volcanic mountains
  • Experience local food along local centers, diverse botanical features,

Know before you go

What to expect
You will need to be reasonably fit to undertake the full trail.

The beginning and end sections of the trail comprise Easy and Intermediate grade riding. The central section comprises difficult and remote advanced grade riding, with river crossings and bike carrying in places. Riders need to be fit and experienced to do the full trail.

You may meet walkers, other bicycle cyclists and moto bikes on this trail.

This is a shared-use track. : respect others, respect the rules, and respect the track.

Service Providers: The trail pretty much has about 5 village centers, that one can buy airtime, water or a snack. There are some local small bars and restaurants should one require to stop and have a local experience. All service providers identified are within the first 10km and the last 25km.

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