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The God view Trail, nestled amongst the picturesque areas of Musanze, is home to beautiful hills and rocky magma residue. Less well known compared to the trails around volcanic mountain and the lakes this brings a sense of discovery. Despite this fact, the locals know that the forest is home to some of the best single-track mountain biking in Musanze.

Nyakinama area is primarily covered in stunning native beech forest hugging the valley floors, and is home to the scared forest of Buranga, “The King makers home ”. It makes for not only amazing riding, but amazing scenery that leaves riders truly feeling like they’re in Musanze backcountry. Which is pretty much where they are!!!!

Riding options

  • The best time to ride is from May-February.
  • Start at the ARCC entrance and finish at ARCC – travelling in this direction provides more downhill riding and the prevailing wind is more favorable.
  • For young families or riders with insufficient time or experience to attempt the full trail, the Nyange short circuit will give you a taste.

Things to see and do

  • Visit the Buranga forest, were Kings of Rwanda spent time meditating before their coronation
  • Visit the Red rocks community center and see how to make local food, brew wine, and dance to traditional music
  • Experience local food along local centers

Know before you go

What to expect

You will need to be reasonably fit to undertake the full trail.

The beginning and end sections of the trail comprise Easy and Intermediate grade riding. The central section comprises difficult and remote advanced grade riding, with river crossings and bike carrying in places. Riders need to be fit and experienced to do the full trail.

You may meet walkers, other bicycle cyclists and moto bikes on this trail.

This is a shared-use track. : respect others, respect the rules, and respect the track.

Service Providers: The trail pretty much has about 3 village centers, that one can buy airtime, water or a snack. There are some local small bars and restaurants should one require to stop and have a local experience. All service providers identified are within the first 10km and the last 25km.

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